Customer Relationship Management Market Size Report, 2030

In 2009, Salesforce reached another milestone in the history of customer service when it introduced the Service Cloud. Using the SaaS model, the Service Cloud offered customer service and support automation features. In the same year, the first application built on for Apple’s iPhone was launched and became the first enterprise partner on Apple’s App Store. In 1987, the first contact management platform was created by a software company called Conductor Software. Jess served on the founding team of a successful B2B startup and has used a wide range of sales and marketing tools over the course of her 15-year career.

Therefore, a CRM system can be extremely helpful to your business. Based on the end-use, the global customer relationship management market is bifurcated into BFSI, retail, healthcare, IT and telecom, discrete manufacturing, and government and education. Based on the deployment, the global customer relationship management market is bifurcated into on-premise and cloud.

There are fewer barriers for first-time CRM users.

When you decide to invest in a CRM platform, it’s imperative that you find a system that enables you to move fast and ramp up quickly, and that integrates into your wider tech stack. This means the tools should be intuitive, cloud-based, mobile-optimized, and customizable for your specific needs. Statistics for the 2023 Global Healthcare CRM market share, size and revenue growth rate, created by Mordor Intelligence™ Industry Reports.

Rise of CRM solutions

The retail sector’s increasing reliance on digital technology and consumer demand for individualized service foster regional market expansion. To pursue a customer-centric business model, businesses are embracing technologies like the cloud, the Internet of Things , and big data to support their digital transformation. Businesses are also implementing CRM programs to improve brand recognition and increase customer engagement.


At the start of the 1980s, businesses found a way to make use of the customer information they collected through database marketing. Database marketing is the process of reaching out to customers in their database How to reduce brokerage cost with CRM and offering them products or services. This was usually done through direct mail, where brochures and product catalogs were couriered to customers with the goal of convincing them to make a purchase.

Rise of CRM solutions

At that time, businesses had to rely on standalone mainframe systems to automate sales, but the extent of technology allowed them to categorize customers in spreadsheets and lists. One of the best-known precursors of the modern-day CRM is the Farley File. Developed by Franklin Roosevelt’s campaign manager, James Farley, the Farley File was a comprehensive set of records detailing political and personal facts on people FDR and Farley met or were supposed to meet. Using it, people that FDR met were impressed by his “recall” of facts about their family and what they were doing professionally and politically. In 1982, Kate and Robert D. Kestenbaum introduced the concept of database marketing, namely applying statistical methods to analyze and gather customer data.


Companies can be seen engaging in mergers & acquisitions and partnerships to further upgrade their products and gain a competitive advantage in the market. They are effectively working on new product development, and enhancement of existing products to acquire new customers and capture more market shares. The best CRM technology today uses cloud-based, mobile-friendly, and AI-optimized software.

Through service automation, customers are supported through multiple channels such as phone, email, knowledge bases, ticketing portals, FAQs, and more. Customer relationship management is a process in which a business or other organization administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analysis to study large amounts of information. Gartner has stated that by 2015, an overwhelming 60% of Internet users will have a preference for mobile customer service applications, with various devices and applications being available on a single platform. Salesforce acquired Heroku in 2010 to provide its customers with PaaS to provide support for various programming languages. Users can customize their applications with developer tools like TheAppExchange and With diverse offerings and wide product portfolio, Salesforce is inventing the future while other competitive CRM software applications like the Siebel are just trying to get into it.

Market Snapshot

In a report conducted during 2017, the company revealed that AI could lead to $1.1 trillion in additional CRM revenues. CRM software is used to gather customer interactions in one central place to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Opportunity management which helps the company to manage unpredictable growth and demand, and implement a good forecasting model to integrate sales history with sales projections.

Rise of CRM solutions

Around 2009, developers began considering the options to profit from social media’s momentum and designed tools to help companies become accessible on all users’ favourite networks. Many startups at the time benefited from this trend to provide exclusively social CRM solutions, including Base and Nutshell. The same year, Gartner organized and held the first Customer Relationship Management Summit, and summarized the features systems should offer to be classified as CRM solutions.

CRMs for governing growth

This often means investing in CRM early – during the first 5 years of a company launching. When the technology is implemented into the company, it’s used around 80% by sales teams, 46% by marketing, and 45% by customer services. Kiely Kuligowski is a and Business News Daily writer and has written more than 200 B2B-related articles on topics designed to help small businesses market and grow their companies.

Global Customer Relationship Management Market Drivers

Based on the component, the customer relationship management market has been bifurcated into software and services. The same study reports that another 58% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they don’t have a good way to see an overall picture of their customers across the entire company — and that it’s a problem. In this article, we cover the birth and growth of CRM software, then break down the trends that are shaping customer relationship management for today and for the very near future.

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