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Irrigation with wastewater is both disposal and utilization and certainly is an effective type of wastewater disposal (as in sluggish-price land treatment). Measure of oxygen equivalent of the organic matter content of the sample that is susceptible to oxidation by a strong chemical oxidant (acid + heat). Certain microorganisms in absence of oxygen, utilize organic waste as their food and convert it into simpler compounds such as CH4, NH3, and H2S which are pollutants. Nowadays photochemical sensors are also available to measure chemical oxygen demand easily. For longer-time period accounts receivable agreements, corporations can setup COD transport which permits the client to defer fee until the time of supply.

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I think is not needed to explain about BOD or COD you understand this. Hydrogen peroxide, often linked with cleaning, is another common chemical used for wastewater treatment. Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical enzyme and is a little more expensive than biological and physical methods. It has been used to treat wastewater for many years and is still one of the most effective ways. Trickling filters consist of a filter bed made of rock, gravel, slag, sand, redwood, plastic, and other synthetic materials on which biological slimes are embedded. The wastewater is allowed to percolate through this bed when the organic matter present in wastewater gets adsorbed on slimes and undergoes decomposition by bacteria and fungi present in the slimes.

The organic molecules will not be removed and will get accumulated on one side of the membrane. Iii) Reverse osmosis, is used in separating water from the wastewater rather than removing waste from water. In reverse osmosis, it is the water and not the ions that pass through the semi-permeable membrane. It reduces both organic and inorganic matter present in wastewater.

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In COD, a strong oxidizing agent such as potassium dichromate in acid medium is used for chemical oxidation of organic matter. Chemical Oxygen Demand is an important water quality parameter because, similar to BOD, it provides an index to assess the effect discharged wastewater will have on the receiving environment. The COD test is often used as an alternate to BOD due to shorter length of testing time.

On sure mail order platforms corresponding to eBay, COD can be used to assist minimize the danger of fraud between patrons and sellers. Overall, COD doesn’t require payment from a purchaser till they have acquired their buy. Cash on Delivery is a sort of fee methodology the place the recipient make cost for the order at the time of supply quite than upfront. If the buyer is not making cost at the time of delivery, the product returns to the vendor without additional obligations from the shopper. But how could we estimate the quantity of Organics by the COD of waste water? I wanna arrange a calculation relationship between the organics content material and wastewater COD. values are most useful in the evaluation of the self-purification capacity of a water body and for possible control measures of pollution. Try checking your DO measuring units or ur methodology for BOD dedication. COD is required to be accomplished before BOD is most circumstances where the waste/water pattern is from unknown source as fixing dilution is important for BOD. Senders select the accepted fee strategies, which may embody cash orders or checks (whether company, private, cashier’s, or official bank checks). Here the essential factor is that you have to acquire your ratio by your personal.

Higher BOD indicates more oxygen is required, signifying lower water quality. Low BOD means less oxygen is being removed from water, so the water is usually more pure. BOD is calculated by incubating a sealed water sample at a certain temperature for five days and measuring the loss of oxygen from the start of the test. Before we move on to enzymes, let’s first get a clear picture of the two oxygen consumption levels, BOD and COD, are.

bod versus cod stands for the amount of oxygen required by bacteria during the aerobic decomposition of organic materials. Now, if these organisms consume more oxygen, it will increase the fatality rate of marine life. This is why it is very important to test the water for its oxygen consumption level.

[14-17] Adsorption is one of the most important physico-chemical treatment methods. Investigations have been reported on removal of organic matter by using various low cost adsorbents. [18-21] These studies were aimed and studying affecting parameters and isotherms and kinetics. The studies were carried out for parameters such as contact time, adsorbent dose and pH. The batch experimental data was also tested for isotherms. Organic matter removal from waste water is principle purpose behind treatment operations. Organic matter, if present in wastewater, reduces dissolved oxygen and forces the waster contaminants to undergo anaerobic decomposition.


In the clarifier, they exist without food and therefore they are activated sludge. The settled microorganisms are then pumped into the head of the aeration tank and the process starts all over again. If some of them are not removed, the solid mass will increase and will clog the tank. In the Aerobic process, biodegradation of organic matter in wastewater is done by microorganisms in presence of O2. In various TOC analyzers, a non-dispersive IR detector is used to measure the CO2 formed on combustion of the carbonaceous content. A micro liquid of the water sample is injected into a heated, packed tube through which passes a stream of oxygen or purified air.

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The Chemical Oxygen Demand is a measurement of the amount of material that can be oxidized in the presence of a strong chemical oxidizing agent. COD often is used as a measurement of pollutants in wastewater and natural waters. Other related analytical values are Total Oxygen Demand , Biochemical Oxygen Demand , total organic carbon .

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2- Biological Oxygen Demand is performed by using aerobic organism but Chemical Oxygen Demand is performed by using re-agents ofchemical. Sunil J. Kulkarni, “A review on studies and research on use of pervaporation as separation method”, Int J Res Rev., 2016, 3, 81-85. The optical path length can be adapted to the application at any time by various lens sockets. An automatic turbidity compensation is carried out by a second measuring channel.

Evaluation and remediation protocol of selected organochlorine … –

Evaluation and remediation protocol of selected organochlorine ….

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It is a dependable indicator of the diploma of purification wastewater has undergone. Higher COD ranges imply a greater quantity of oxidizable natural material in the sample, which will reduce dissolved oxygen ranges. A reduction in DO can lead to anaerobic situations, which is deleterious to larger aquatic life varieties. BOD- Biochemical Oxygen Demand is meant to measure the quantity of food that bacteria can oxidize. Attached is a web page from a Masters thesis which shows the connection of measured values of BOD and COD. Chemical Oxidant is not specific to oxygen-consuming chemicals that are organic or inorganic, both of these sources of oxygen demand are measured in a COD assay.

What is the relationship between the COD and BOD values in Waste water?

Cash on supply is a sort of transaction during which payment for a great is made on the time of delivery. For merchants, providing a COD cost possibility might enhance consumer confidence in a new firm that does not but have strongbrand recognition. Note that the BOD value is close to zero when the COD value is around 50 because the BOD reflects only the dissolved organics while COD contains whole dissolved natural and inorganic compounds.

The corresponding BOD/TOC ratio for untreated wastewater varies from 1.2 to 2.0. BOD is the oxygen demand of microbes for degradation of organic matter. Sewage, for example, may have BOD/COD ratio of 0.5 earlier than remedy.

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Then the material was washed with acid and again washed with water. The pH of samples was adjusted with dilute hydrochloric acid and dilutes sodium hydroxide when required. Then 50 ml of samples were agitated for required time in a conical flask, filtered and analyzed for COD and BOD. In utilizing these ratios it essential to keep in mind that they will change considerably with the degree of treatment the waste has undergone.


COD analysis, on the other hand, is a measurement of an organic waste-contaminated water sample’s oxygen-depletion capability. It calculates the equivalent quantity of oxygen needed to chemically oxidise organic molecules in water and thereby remove pollution. COD is an important component of all water quality management plans. Natural enzymes produced from waste are one of the most efficient ways of wastewater treatment. Protein compounds, known as eco enzymes speed up chemical reactions.


Finely suspended solids can be removed with the help of micro strainers and sand filters. Among available anaerobic processes, Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Bed or Blanket reactor process is the most important process. In the anaerobic degradation of carbohydrates, the first polysaccharide is converted to pyruvate and then pyruvate to lactic acid or ethanol.

Most of the Al3+ ions react with bicarbonates to form insoluble Al3. The Al3 absorbs ions from the solution to form a precipitate of Al3 and adsorbed sulphates. After the treatment, the water may be chlorinated to kill diseases causing bacteria and viruses.

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