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The idea of having such a small pool to chose from is overwhelming. Plus, having to see your ex at the gym and local crags is kinda a bummer. This past Tuesday on my day off even, I took random solo hike with not a care in the world. Even though it was not my intention, I met another solo woman hiking. It was super easy to approach and make pleasant conversation. It’s surprising just how receptive women are in-person versus on an app.

I wouldn’t go about it with the pure intention of courting someone. I met my girlfriend at the gym (ironically because I wasn’t a big gym goer), I Invited her climbing at a crag, then we went again, then she invited me with her group. We were definitely in sync but it didn’t go straight into a “date” though in retrospect they kind of were. Though I wish she had, my wife has never rock climbed. And she has even babysat a climbing partner’s kid so that she and I could go to the Gunks. In the meantime, I’m pretty amused and interested in hearing about how other people are getting on with a climbing or non-climbing partner….

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If you are okey to spent majority of holidays and weekends separately then there should be no problem. Then celebrate your differences instead of worrying about them. Long term couples thrive on their complementary natures, not on their similarities. If she is a risk taker and you a comfort seeker then you balance each other well. Let her know how much you care for her and be her best friend, but give her the freedom to pursue her passion. You don’t have to follow her up a cliff, just understand she needs to climb.

Alright, you’re probably not on your way to Needles. But say you’re headed to Las Vegas or Lake Havasu, and you’re looking for a fascinating stop along the way. Matt did an interview with a real astronomer,Dr. Pamela Gay, who, among other things, has an astronomy based podcast called Astronomy Cast. If you like what you hear in the interview, please check it out. They have over 400 episodes for you to consume on those long drives to the crag.

Chris Weidner: Top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t date a climber

I guess I just feel like it’d be a big investment to make in someone when it still may not work out. My climbing buddy said he tried to do that with multiple girls and it just didn’t work. I think he may have been a bit of an asshole though, hahaha. As a side note, I do live in Denver where the climbing community is quite large. An hour into my workout, I realize that the social scene at the gym is not only annoying; it’s dangerous. I’m twenty-five feet off the ground looking at enough slack for a forty-footer.

For our very special Christmas episode, we discuss our recent climbing trips to the Red and the Creek. If you are able to understand and accept each other’s needs, well, it’s fine. If not, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than you make the relationship work. Something like a hard redpoint, which is not your style, where you spend all your skin, energy and faith and still don’t have any chance to send. If you are sponsored by Black Diamond, La Sportiva and Arc’teryx to just do that, then probably yes.

He will obsess about it until he redpoints the route. Then he will keep saying, “I should have gotten the on-sight”. Finally, he will let it go by finding a different but similarly-graded climb to obsess about. Don’t even think of heading to France to see the Eiffel Tower, not when Fontainebleau is waiting to be bouldered.

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It is also the only hobby I’ve had that has consistently made me happy. I find so much joy from climbing and ideally see myself with a romantic partner who cherishes it just as much as I do. In my experience, there’s something very special about being in the wilderness with someone you care for deeply. I had, at one point, tried dating non-climbers. And there was certainly no shortage of non-climber guys who were wonderful in many ways. But I was a single mom with two young kids, tight budget, and only 4 days a month when the kids were with their father.

At the crag, it’s pretty normal to look at others as they climb. Whether we can learn from their prowess or recognize ourselves in their mistakes, watching others helps us learn. This cuts down on one potential source of awkwardness. The age-old dating advice goes like this – Keep doing the things you love and eventually you’ll meet the right partner. An important part of climbing is having a trustworthy climbing partner. This goes both ways, meaning your date knows how to rely on others, but also what it means for someone to depend on them.

We have gotten our nephews into it but who knows how long that will last. “I told them they should change the name of the gym,” I reply. The soap opera has too many subplots to count. If one were to connect the dots, nearly everyone in the gym, it seems, has been sexually involved, directly or indirectly, with everyone else.

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