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It quickly became a monthly event in six U.S. cities. “I never would have predicted what this turned into, but I guess the power of connection and intimacy is something people really want and benefit from now,” says Shahar. Tantra Speed Date has had more than 276 events in 30 different cities with more than 8,000 attendees. What I’m acutely aware of is how used to or how comfortable the women in the room are with all of this. The two I’m sandwiched between in this inner circle are very open and loving. Where I struggle to hold eye contact or stop grinning, they are very comfortable in themselves and with the language of the night and things we are asked to do.

We encourage everyone to participate at their own comfort level, and our facilitators will demonstrate what that looks like before you begin. I tried online speed dating today through a website called “The Fun Singles”. The site set you up with 8 minute video chats with people. However, I came to the website through Meetup.com and the group misrepresented who would be there. Instead of people from my city, they were hundreds of miles away and sometimes twice my age, even though I set an age range closer to mine.

Guy Shahar and Lauren Harkness both graduated from Source Tantra and they promote it at their events. Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements. This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. For me, tonight was an opportunity to meet someone face-to-face in an honest environment without the endless messaging, game-playing and faux confidence of first-date drinks.

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Doors open at the published start time. That’s when we check you in and give you your dating materials . You also receive a playing card for our IceBreaker game.

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Tantra Speed Date begins with 30 minutes of mingling and tea sipping in the Center’s main lounge. Women are given neck pouches filled with lettered beads, each letter assigned to a female participant. Men are given empty but numbered neck pouches. At each station of the “puja circle” — where a member of the men’s circle aligns with a member of the female’s circle — the pairs complete a short exercise at the behest of the night’s facilitator. Next, the men are asked to close their eyes and the women may or may not drop one of their designed beads into the man’s pouch.

For the first one – as I sit opposite a total stranger – we’re asked to list all the things we find beautiful about the person in front of us. The answers range from my ‘curiosity’, to one guy who was brave enough to admit he’s ‘here to find a partner’. The bold 50-something lady gives a frank ‘I want a lover’. With my final suitor, I sat on the ground yet again and was told to lean into him with my head on his lap or chest and just let him embrace me. Unfortunately, I had a walking boot on due to an ankle injury, so I had to contort my body to slightly lean into him with my right shoulder, while simultaneously holding myself up with my left arm.

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After all, the whole point of tantra is connection and not necessarily, as the musical artist Sting so famously revealed, eight-hour love-making sessions. Tantra Speed Date ceremonies now take place in 14 cities around the world, and San Francisco is one of the organization’s most popular locations. In fact, Saturday night’s ceremony, designated for people in their 20s and 30s, was sold out. This fake speed dating event is a funnel to get people to go to Charles Muir’s workshops, where women get sexually assualted under the false guise of spirituality. Events for singles were far more popular before free dating apps, and “there’s a fantasy that you’re going to meet someone without any effort.” And that’s a hard habit to break.

Tantra is a great thing, and probably 50% of my esoteric sex exp has been tantra, rather than kink. I’m hoping OP will post details, because this sounds amazing; I would really like to attend. Tantra Speed Date® is the dating event with the highest match rate, 95%!

Restaurant food delivered from lafayette family ymca is thankful for the. “Unquestionably thebest dating event I have ever attended. The process supports everyone to open their hearts and connect in a uniquely deep and profound way. We’ll guide you through a ceremony of relationship-building exercises with up to 20 singles in a Puja circle. This was a super old post, but I’ll help you out if I can. I’ve actually started being successful on Hinge and am just starting a relationship now.

The women shift over a spot, and the process begins again. After the ceremony, staff will match the pairs via the pouch results. Participants, who’d paid $35 to $60 to attend, receive their matches via email, complete with photos and brief introductions. All of the initial pairing is up to the woman, and much of Tantra Speed Dating is gloriously designed oasisdating net popularity for the comfort of its female participants. I arrived at the Institute’s August tantric speed dating event in yoga pants and a tank top — but many of the other participants wore dating-formal attire. As I stared at the room full of women in dresses and men in slacks, I realized this wasn’t going to be the group-meditation session I was expecting.

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