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Denise the host was very welcoming and helped put people at ease. All of us who work at Slow Dating Ltd are dedicated to making sure that all of our customers have a great time at our events. We have been running events up and down the country since September 2003, and have overseen many thousands of speed dates in that time. We are known as the UK’s favourite speed dating company with over 90% of attendees saying that they would recommend us to their friends.

However, with her course she is now involved with concerts every Wednesday, so Pettistree practices starting from tonight aren’t possible for her until the Christmas holidays. It is for a very good cause though and as with everything she has undertaken this last week and a half both I and Kate are very proud. After a bit of lunch at Edwin Avenue, Ruthie, Mason and I were off out again, this time to the North-West District ADM at Pakenham.

BBC viewers heartbroken as Escape to the Country’s Jonnie Irwin shares ‘gut-wrenching’ family plans

In 1933, Campbell published the groundbreaking book Highland Songs of the Forty-Five, consisting of 32 Gaelic song-poems that he had tracked down with Prof. Fraser’s assistance in both the Bodleian Library and the British Museum. These were analyzed for political content and published with facing translations into English blank verse. On Thursday , Jonnie told his fans of his upcoming time on Morning Live, uploading a picture of him at a desk, wearing headphones with a microphone next to him. As he smiled to the camera, he could be seen holding a cup of drink, with a handful of tablets in front of him. Viewers tuning into today’s episode of BBC’s Morning Live were left emotional as Leicestershire-born TV star Jonnie Irwin revealed ‘gut-wrenching’ plans to keep his memory alive for his family after he’s gone. The Escape To the Country and A Place In The Sun presenter told viewers that he hopes to create a ‘digital legacy’ that his family can enjoy should the worse happen.

A wet day turned into a lovely evening, but couldn’t draw enough out to ring all 12 at Grundisburgh. It’s strange, as normally the better weather encourages many to work their way through the country lanes to this very useful practice. Bristol Major was the highlight before Mason and I left with daylight still just about guiding us home. After popping to Woodbridge for a lunch meeting with Aunty Ruthie, Mason and I then went down to Elmhurst Park to lap up the warm weather, open spaces and swings.

I used to be a band member here and have spent many an hour straining my brain in this famous belfry, but for Ruthie and Mason, it was the first time they had ever visited the home of the 12-Bell Contest holders. It’s a complicated way of ringing call changes that can and does see bells jump as many as 15 places in one go, but it is a necessity as calling each change one-by-one would take hours. Ruthie did very well, holding her first backstroke up as other very accomplished ringers such as Philip Saddleton and John Warboys dropped theirs! Despite an exhilarating, if slightly tiring day, I could’ve done with a break, but there is no rest for the wicked and after the called off practice last week and pigeon incident the week before, it was a welcome return toSt Mary-le-Tower for practice night. It was a disappointing turnout, but we were still able to ring all 12 for Gerald, a friend of Paul’s from Essex, who is planning to come more regularly, which is good.

Erdington High Street violence manhunt enters third day as victim remains critical

We’re housed in a brand new building that still manages to look like every other office on these sort of estates, but importantly it’s money! Hollesley practice continued as a home for Surprise Major as we rang Cambridge this week, along with Grandsire and Plain Bob Triples before Mason and I left. As if to reiterate this point, Grundisburgh was very low on numbers again – although of course Stephen is away at the moment – and instead of ringing all 12, we had to make do with Grandsire Triples and Rounds and Call Changes on 8. That said, that is all we were ringing at SMLT a few months back, so there’s hope yet and these things are often swings and roundabouts. It’s just a shame we can’t get the numbers on a more regular basis at a lot of these towers. We didn’t ring a quarter, but there are two ringing extremes in Suffolk ringing today, representing both the past and future.

Whilst we in Suffolk don’t expect people to start ringing random pairings of hand-bells or even tower bells, these sort of things should surely inspire people to further themselves. Whether it be ringing on 12 for the first time, going Plain Hunt on a different bell or whatever, it is taking risks that will improve your ringing. The hottest Academic Singles customer service and nicest day of the year by far was the perfect time to find myself in one of the most enclosed belfries in the country, Great Yarmouth. Mason dropped off early, I was there for apeal of Bristol Max, rung for the St Martin’s Guild, a guild that is like a second home to me after my eight years and regular peals in the Midlands.

Accommodation and Ticket Prices

Having arrived at George and Di’s at 6.30am to be picked up by Stephen, who was taking myself George and Tom down to Hampshire and not arriving back until 7.30 in the evening, it was a long day, but well worth it. I was disappointed we couldn’t make a better job of it in places, but everybody worked hard to produce a worthy effort and I have to admit to feeling slightly elated that after months of planning, our goal was achieved. Everything had been moved in and pretty much set up, but there was still a little more sorting out to do. All in all a smooth settling in, despite one of the steps already being broken and Derek breaking the lock off the toilet door. And we were given chocolate cake and champagne as part of a welcome meeting. Despite the neighbouring builders, busily constructing mirror offices next door and the noisy sound of trains running past right by our window, it is essentially a lot better than our ramshackle offices in Great Glemham.

Last season I explained in depth the nerves of a local derby day and so I don’t need to go into depth here, but unlike last season, and the season before, my worst fears were realised. Ipswich were never at the races with poor passing, a distinct lack of passion compared to their feathered opponents and coupled with what must have been one of Naaaaridge’s best performances this season meant there was only ever going to be one result. It was actually so bad that I was fairly relieved to come away with just the 2-0 defeat, an almost complete reverse of the game at Portman Road in April. Grundisburgh was a little shorter as we had 7, so Doubles and Minor were the order of the day. In the end Peter Harper stepped in – thanks Peter – and I called it.

It has been well documented on here and throughout the Guild that we have been working up to aquarter of half-lead 8-spliced Surprise Major for some time at Ufford and Hollesley. As has often been the way as we’ve added methods, the successful quarter followed on from some lengthy failures that have merely served to strengthen our resolve and as great practice. As grateful as I am for people turning out, the up-and-down nature of attendance that seems to be repeating is making it hard to plan ahead. We could’ve rung Bristol Max tonight with enough warning, but having asked people to learn it for last Monday I didn’t bother to get people to learn it for this week. We did ring some good Lincolnshire Max, with Kate Eagle doing extremely well. I saw my first glance of the list for the two-week Rambling Ringers Tour over the end of July and beginning of August.

It’s well worth having a wander along the riverside for a cuppa here next time you’re in Woodbridge in the sun (or even if it isn’t sunny!). We discussed the need for some appropriate delegation in an unofficial manner, the issue of communication and the area of finances, all aimed towards helping those in office to help the members and all accompanied by a lovely spread of food and cups of tea. A very enjoyable evening and all wrapped up – as promised by Philip – by 8.30, meaning I wasn’t very late home at all, finding a relaxed girlfriend watching Have I Got News For You and a sleeping son. It was a great afternoon, as I caught up with – and Ruthie and Mason met – many more of friends from my uni days in Dudley. Nick and a pregnant Kate came up from Oxford, Nick and Fiona and there son Olly journeyed over from Corby, Ian and Kelly brought their very young son Benjamin from Leicester and ‘Mouse’ Mark (too long to explain here!) made the short trip from Redditch.

John Lorne Campbell

Suffolk’s countryside, villages and small towns are always beautiful in my opinion, but at the two weather extremes of gorgeous sunshine and blues skies and pristine snowfall shows them at their very best. The route out to Grundisburgh resembled Narnia more than anywhere that shares the same nationality as Dudley or inner London. Mason was bemused by it all, seemingly unsure as to what was going on.

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